Our mission is to provide unique and unforgettable experiences to visitors, offering safe and high quality expeditions, in the outstanding places of the Aysén Region.

We believe that exploring can transform our lives through knowledge and engagement with diverse cultures. This is why we promote socio cultural exchange with the human and natural heritage of Aysén Region, and we practice environmentally sustainable tourism, always applying the ethical principles of “leave no trace”.



Creator and director of Chulengo Chile Mauro was born and raised in Puerto Ibáñez, Aysén Region. He has a unique experience that has acquired thanks to his lifestyle and his work for over 20 years with NOLS. He has served as a kayak, mountaineering, trekking, and horseback riding instructor in places like Alaska, Wyoming, and Patagonia. Mauro hosts groups at home, coordinates logistics, manages transportation, and also leads expeditions in the field.


A Patagonian, Manu grew up in close contact with the rurality of the countryside. She could ride before she could walk and did horse jumping for over 15 years; she loves horses, nature and biodiversity, and she seeks to protect and show the enormous cultural and natural value that the Aysén Region offers.

After graduating as a Veterinarian, Manuela returned home with the dream of creating and guiding the best horseback adventures in the Region. She is in charge of receiving groups, supporting logistics, coordinating and guiding horse rides, as well as ensuring the well-being of the horses that accompany the rides.