Avellano Valley Trail Ride

This route is a true hidden gem in the Aysen Region, it connects the northern part, located in Lago Lapparent (near Cerro Castillo), to the mountain valleys towards General Carrera Lake, before ending the trip in “Peninsula Levican”, a small town located close to Puerto Ibáñez.

This ride offers the opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy an “off the beaten track” ride, camping alongside our horses for several days, during which you’ll learn to live and develop camping techniques with horses, all in a dynamic environment. We’ll ride across pristine places, with rivers, forests and small paths used by locals of the Avellano Valley.

This expedition offers the unique opportunity to be able to recreate (to a certain extent) the way of life that settlers who inhabited this area used to have.

Duration: 8 days/ 7 nights

Experience Required: Medium – High (technical terrain, strong winds and high exposure)

Price: $2.700 USD per person



2025 UPCOMING RIDE: 17 to 24 January


The Pioneer Route

The “Ruta de los Pioneros”, or Pioneer’s Route, in the Aysén region is a breathtaking journey through mountains, valleys, and glacial rivers.

This route gets its name from the pioneers, baqueanos, and settlers who once traveled through difficult and rustic paths to connect Villa O’Higgins with Cochrane.

Today, it is considered one of the most remarkable routes in the region. You can embark on this self-sustaining expedition from either Villa O’Higgins or Cochrane, in this case, we’ll begin in Villa O’Higgins, taking several days to explore the mountain range and landscapes along the way to Cochrane.

We share this ride with a local Baqueano, so you can experience in the flesh the history and traditions of Patagonia as you immerse yourself in this off the beaten path trail ride.

During the journey we’ll camp and connect with nature and enjoy campfires along the way through this historical and heritage route.

Duration: 10 days/ 9 nights

Experience Required: High (very technical terrain, steep ups and downs, mud, rocks, strong winds and high exposure)

Price: $3.700 USD per person



2024 UPCOMING RIDE: December 13 – 22


Estancias del Chelenko

“Estancias del Chelenko” goes through 3 private Estancias, with amazing views of the General Carrera Lake, passing only 2 km away from the border with Argentina.

This ride is right in our backyard, so not a lot of drives involed, and also if we are lucky we’ll have the chance to see local wildlife.

It’s a ever changing lansdcape that varies from steppe to lenga forest in short periods of time. 

We’ll sleep in tents, carry packhorses and enjoy the adventure that riding horses gives.


3 days/ 2 nights

4 days / 3 nights

Experience Required: Basic – High (strong winds and high exposure)


$800 USD per person

$1.100 USD per person



2025 UPCOMING RIDE: 09 – 12 January and 13 – 16 February