Avellano Valley

This route connects Lago Lapparen through valleys and mountains with Levican Peninsula, a small town near Puerto Ibáñez.

This trek offers the opportunity to connect with nature for a few days, in which you’ll learn to develop camping techniques in a dynamic environment.

We will cross woods, pristine places, with rivers and old routes used by the settlers of the “Avellanos” area

This expedition is done in a self-sustaining way, meaning we carry our own food, and on the way we stock up on products grown and produced by locals, and we even get the chance to share a traditional “asado”, so we can interact and connect with these people.

The participants of this expedition will be participants in cooking breakfasts and meals throughout the expedition.

Duration:  8 days /7 nights

Experience Required: medium to high (Technical terrain, strong winds and height exposure)

Price: $1.450.000 CLP ($2.000 USD)